If something is either of or pertaining to .me, then surely it is best described as .meic? Well, I'm .me, and this is a sampling of things which are .meic, including the very website itself, which takes its name from said property. Here you can find a selection of my editorial works, my renderings, and software I have written. There's no guarentee that anything in any of the catagories is particularly good.

Avid fans of the site will perhaps notice the new [17/08/06] design, but those who fear change can take comfort in the familiar lack of content. Although I might soon now have added stuff to the software section. Still no new editorials, though, don't worry. This site doesn't really validate, the CSS most certianly doesn't. Ah well, eh? Still, even the likes of Google, Microsoft, the BBC, Apple, [etc] don't have sites that validate. So shut up.

Those with a truely keen interest in me may be excited to learn that I have made or participated in other projects, and as to quench your thirst, I shall provide you with a smattering of links:

fruitmarket. Fruit machine meets stock-market in this pleasant little time-waster. Great for casual visitors looking for a new flash game, online gaming geeks, and economists.

AdLab. A much-loved but now defunct TV advert rating/review thingumydo. It was a really good idea, and would have taken over the world if only a)people had voted properly b)I had kept writing reviews c)people had wanted to read them. Ah well.

CFG Generator. This generates text from CFGs, or context-free grammars. Because it can. There's only two supplied CFGs, though. Again, would have been better if I'd done more work. Recuring theme, at all?

Sidney Sussex Pool Ladder. The all-singing, all-dancing automagic pool ladder site for people who (like me) play pool at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. If you're not from Cambridge Uni, you're not gonna get a lot out of that site, because you need a Raven login. You can still admire a Raven login prompt, though.

Beehive Forum. The gosh-darn bestest, free-est, open-sourc-est PHP/MySQL forum platform solution to grace this fair interweb. Frame-based, scalable, themable, ultimately configurable, easy to moderate, easier to use... if it's good enough for The Inquirer, it's good enough for you.

There. Hope that's you satisfied. If not, drop me an email.
Rowan Hill

(And if you liked it here, you might also be interested in uoou.info - it's a bit like meic, but with even stranger domain name. And an acorn. Good stuff.)