Unidentified Failing Object Unidentified Failing Object

If you can believe it, this all started with a rectangle which rotated about one corner. Because I put a lot of them together in a circle, and when they all rotated at the same time, it did a nice mechanical iris effect. So I put a spinny UFO on top of it. And then I made a video involving the now-famous Rocket and Astronaught duo. Andandand, even more impressively, wait for it, sound. So, yes, that is me making stupid noises. And, yes, I did feel stupid doing them. And, yes, I have started a lot of sentences with the word 'and'.

Engine Engine

This was going to be a sand buggy, but then I spent too much time on the engine, so I never really got around to doing the rest of it. A valid thingumy in its own right now, though. The camera spins around a wireframe engine which gradually solidifies and takes form. Hoorar.

L'Homme Invisible L'Homme Invisible

Not much to see here, [a-ha-ha-I'msowitty] just an invisible man. Despite being fairly underwhelming, it's still one of my favourites. I think it's because it came out just like I wanted it to, which is pretty rare. Actually, it's pretty rare for me to have any idea what I'm aiming at at all. But not this time! And I think it shows.

Tellies Tellies

A series of telly-based pictures that started out as the logo for AdLab. Cartoon-rendered, in order to make them look good against the perfectly clean white background. Oh, and a silly advert-based animation, too. Fitting, considering they're just an advert for and advertisment-analysis site.

Rocket and Astronaught Rocket and Astronaught

A rocket, an astronaught, and a rocket-and-astronaught video. What more could anyone want from something entitled 'Rocket and Astronaught'? Thusly, slake thine curiosity and gaze hither:

Glass Spider Glass Spider

Various renderings of a glass spider, for a company that was going to be called Glass Spider but instead went for Depopulated. I like the one on blue, even if it's not a very good glass spider.

Eskimo Eskimo

Icy inuit in inelligant integument. [That means outer covering, apparently. It technically refers to natural coverings, as opposed to a fur coat, but finding a better word for 'coat' beginning with 'i' is quite tricky.]

Ben-the-man Ben-the-man

My first, and no doubt last, attempt at making a human-like head. He starts of as a the hideous offspring of lego and gingerbread, then gets a head, and then a freaky clothes-of-flesh body. He'd be better if I did his eyes and eyelashes, but, y'know. Apathy and that.

Penguin Penguin

Spiffy-fun penguin character; multitalented lad: can stand, stare gormlessly, make snowpenguins, and snowboard! Awesome.

Jiraf Jiraf

Shamelessly lifted from a design by Andy Black, Jiraf is a heartwarming chap and comes in a variety of flavours: Plain Jiraf, "Eat Football" Jiraf, "I wuv 'oo" Jiraf, and Ninjiraf.

Horse head Horse head

A reasonably nice horse head, which looks, in a certain light, sort of similar to the head of a horse. Which is always a bonus. I have pictures with a body attatched, but I didn't spend any time on it at all, really, so it just looks like some kind of My Little Pony rip-off. And I don't like anti-climaxes as a rule. Whenever I see them I get so angry my vision goes red and I can hear the thumping of blood coursing through my arteries and I grind my teeth and clench my fists and my breathing goes ragged and I feel so out of control I might just... well, yeah. [DYSWIDT?]

Workshop Workshop

Some early work, most of it lost. Which is a shame, because the best images are gone, along with the scene, so I can't re-render them. So, imagine the clouds cast proper shadows, not just a square, like they do. Both the clouds and the land were made in Terragen, with the resulting images being the displacement map on a couple of planes. The land's texture is just a bitmap painted by hand.