OsaXs OsaXs

A single-player 4x4x4 noughts-and-crosses (tic-tac-toe) game, with a variable (and suitably tricky) AI. Deeply addictive, and perfect for when you should be doing something else.

Family Graph Family Graph

A family tree viewer, displaying relations as a free-form network of nodes (i.e. people and marriages) and links (either marital or biological), automatically spacing itself by modeling relations as springs. The result is a clean and relatively intuitive view of potentially complex and convoluted data - incest and polygamy are no obstacle here - which has an organic quality making it great fun to just sit and play with.

Flocker Flocker

A boids-like highly configurable 2D flocking simulation. Though each 'creature' behaves according only to three simple rules, seemingly complex system behaviour can arise. Through tweaking the specifics of these rules, behaviour akin to mammals, birds, insects, or even molecules in a crystal can be achieved.

Springs Springs

A simulation of a series of blocks on a pivot sprung together in such a way as to allow waves to travel down them.

Battleships Battleships

A version of the well known paper-based game Battleships for two Internet connected players. Features include no less than four exciting different weapons. Cor.

Outbreak Outbreak

Play as either blue or red bacteria in an attempt to be more populous than the other by following the simple rules of your species' life-cycle.

Jezzball Jezzball

Confine bouncing balls to ever-smaller rectangles in order to get to the next level. Which has, uh, another ball. Cloned from JezzBall as included in the MicroSoft Entertainment Pack (along with things like a pre-mobile phone version of Snake) many years ago.