I wrote this a long time ago, and I'm not sure why, but I'm quite glad I did. It features only three things: a grid, red dots, and blue dots. The red dots are you: honest, hardworking, fighting the good fight, meritocratic bacteria. The red dots are then: treacherous, villainous, despicable, totalitarian bacteria. Your one and only goal? The destruction of your enemy (or at least making sure there's a lot more of you than there are of them). Your one and only problem? They have the same goal.

And that's it, really. Just click, and you put down a blue blob, and the computer will put down a red blob, and you go again. There's a little slider at the bottom and supposedly changes the difficulty, and although I know it means the computer uses different tactics, I'm not sure how much of an effect that change has. Ah well.

Bacteria go through three stages of life. First, they are bright, and solid. One move later, they are pale. On the third move, they are just an outline, and about to die. On the fourth move, they are dead, and the space is free once again. Upon death, a bacteria will spawn a new bacteria above, below and to either side of it, assuming those spaces are free, and from this production the distinctive diamonds and chevrons are formed.

Windows only, unfortunately.



Downloads: - Zip file containing Windows executable.