Many years ago Microsoft released something they called the Entertainment Pack, I think. I don't know if there is a contemporary version, but in the one I had there were a small number of simple little arcade-style games such as snake and this, JezzBall. I have no idea why it was called that, but being as this is pretty much a direct clone, I have kept the name. I'm not certain what sort of legal water that puts me in, but I am certain nobody really cares.

Essentially, I wrote this simply because I was sorting of learning to code (after a period of abstainance, and in a new language), and it seemed as good a project as any. As a result, I seem to remember there being an occasional glitch, but it's perfectly playable for the most part.

The basic concept is that you must imprison the balls in such a small amount of space that only a certain percentage (25%, I think) of the original space remains, at which point you progress to the next level. You decrease the space by drawing lines, to create two new rectangles. If a rectangle contains a ball, it remains, if not, it is removed from play. Drawing lines takes time, however, and if a ball hits a line before it has reached both edges, the line is erased and you lose a life. Beware, there is also a clock ticking down!

Draw lines by left clicking. Change orientation (horizontal or vertical) by right clicking. The menu claims some kind of high score function, which I have a feeling may try to look up a page on some long deleted webspace somewhere. Needless to say, that no longer works.

Written as a coding excercise in Delphi, it is, of course, only availble for Windows



Downloads: - Zip file containing Windows executable.